Are You Ready......

  • Jun, 14 2018
  • #Cake News


….for the Football season? And when I say football I mean FIFA World Cup 2018. 


A month packed with action and overwhelming emotions. When the team you root for makes it to the final stages and the games get tougher and exciting, one can be guaranteed 90 minutes of crazy.  It’s definitely fun times ahead. 

Our usually quiet neighbourhood begins to show life and bustle. Fans hang up flags from their balconies to show support and for every match won these frenzied fans drive about the city honking their cars to show jubiliation. Pubs and beer gardens bring out their big screens and bring together in large numbers all football enthusiasts and fanatics. The air is filled with vibrant energy and you can’t help but be part of it someway or otherSmile

Shop windows are decorated with full of football paraphernalia. From caps to buntings, from flags to trikots. You name it you find itWink. And this time Cake Thérapie got to contribute to the football fever in a very unique and cute way of its own. 

No neighbourhood is complete without its own cute little bookstore and we have one by the name Le Petit Bookshop specialising in English and French books. It is run and managed by two extremely friendly and helpful ladies, Céline and Phuong.

Lots of fun and interesting books available at their bookshop. Do drop in when you get time. For the tiny one’s they even have The Big Match from the Mr. Men Series by Roger Hargreaves.My kid used to love the Mr. Men series when he was a little boy. I too have enjoyed reading it with him.  

They were kind enough to give me this opportunity to be part of their football themed window display in form of display cake. That’s when I thought about an idea that would suit both the bookstore and football themeSmile. Was so much fun working on this cake. 

Working on a blank canvas can be very daunting. The first brush stroke on a spotless clean white cake is definitely very nerve wrecking. But you take a deep breath and take the plunge and then on there’s only two directions it can goWink. Either it all works as you plan or you keep improvising as you goLaughing. But no matter what route you take, you absolutely love the way it all comes together in the end. 

The final reveal!  Football themed cake for the store window. The ladies did an awesome job getting the shop window ready just in time for the World Cup . They were more than happy to share their window display for me to share with you guys. If you happen to pass by the bookstore, do feel free to stop and check out thier store and of course have a look at the cake in realSmile