Different Strokes

  • Aug, 17 2018
  • #addictedtolearning

No, not the American Sitcom that used to air way back in 1980’s something. I got to watch it sometime in the 1990’s if I remember correctly. 

But something different from the usual CakeNews I usualy blog about.

Speaking of which..

I have been deadly quiet for sometime here on my blog. Exactly a little over a month to be precise. But for a very good reason though. Because…..


We're all going on a summer holiday

No more working for a week or two.

Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,

No more worries for me or you,

For a week or two 

(Cliff Richard)


It was time for a quick break from work to spend some good quality time with "La Familia". I must confess, I most definitely had an awesome holiday back home with my folks. Memories re-lived and new ones made. 

Despite all this, it has not been all that quiet on the creative front. I have been upto something and getting my feet wet with paper, watercolours and brush:)  Yes you read it right!. Cake Thérapie getting Art ThérapieSmile.

I have been enjoying the  journey of a ‘Watercolour Enthusiasts’. A journey I hope to continueCool. The world of watercolour is magical and watching it do its thing is absolutely mesmerising!. 


To speak of previous experience with any sort of paint medium, I have zilch! Edible colours are excused from the list as of now. So technically speaking I am in no way suited to make any comparisons between painting mediums!. 

But I fell in love with the simplicity and the complexity watercolours have to offer. It is fluid and has a mind of its own, leaving it difficult to control. Yet you can layer it with different brush strokes to define and describe something in totality or leave it transparent and suggestive. 

Similar to cake decorating, its a true test of patience, perseverance and practice. Sharing my journey in water and colour thus far. My latest Pinterest board https://pin.it/c5thejumfly6uw for those who may be interested to have a peep:).